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Our History and Values

Company History

Plumridge & Co, the oldest stamp auctioneer in the World, was established 120 years ago in 1898. Founded by Mr H.W. Plumridge, the business was considered in the top two auction houses in London for many years.

We have been running stamp auctions for over 120 years - the below images are a selection of front covers from our auction catalogues and prices realised produced over the years:

Plumridge & Co was renowned for being the auction house of choice for serious collections. We have been priveledged to hold a number of  Specialised / single owner sales some spanning several days including Mr E.J Lee's collection sold over nine consecutive days in 1936 and Mr H.P.Manus collection in 1932. Both catalogues were hundreds of pages thick, followed closely by the stamp community at the time and included some rare items.

 Commission Bid Form and Invoice/Receipt from Sale No 204 in 1904:


Sometime just before the First World War, we moved to larger premises with our own auction rooms. The new premises were located in the Strand which at the time, was the heart of Philately. Our stamp auctions, which were held twice a week, continued through both wars despite the office in Chancery Lane being obliterated during the Blitz. In more recent times, the office was moved to Adam Street and then St Martins Court where auctions were held in nearby hotels including the Strand Palace Hotel.

 Over the years, many of the worlds known rarities have been sold in our auctions including:

Plumridge & Co Partners Past and Present:

Information on some of our early Partners and references to collections and rare stamps sold in our auctions can be found in the ” Who Was Who in Philately ” page on the Association of British Philatelic Society (ABPS) website including:

Our Partners:

” HADLOW, William FAI 1861-1931. Held his first stamp auction in 1891. Partner in Plumridge & Co 1916. Took leading part in Stamp Trade Protection Association and BPA. Member of Permanent Executive Committee of PCGB. A Queensland specialist, and also collected Austria, Siam, Transvaal, and Victoria. Regular contributor to Stamp Collectors’ Fortnightly 1890-1928, and wrote ‘Useful Hints for Stamp Collectors‘ [1933]. RDP 1930.”

” TELFER, John Stanley Glasspoole d.1938 age 65. Owner for some years of Stamp Collector’s Fortnightly. Life member of Junior Philatelic Society. Hon Secretary Stamp Trade Protection Association. Senior partner in Plumridge & Co Philatelic Auctioneers. On the same day in 1933, sold 1d and 2d ‘Post Office’ Mauritius from the HP Manus collection. Played large part in reconstitution of PCGB after 1914-18 war. He originated the Congress Cup, which became known as the Telfer Cup, in 1920, and gave it the unique philatelic cachet of a genuine triangular Cape stamp let into its polished curve. One of those responsible for establishing RDP, was custodian of the Roll and Hon Secretary to the Board of Election. His brother, JH Telfer (d.1916), was also a partner in Plumridge & Co.”

References to collections sold in our auctions:

” BYAM, Dr William OBE 1882-1963. Lt Col RAMC. Egypt specialist. Council Member RPSL. Tapling Medal, 1931, for Egypt first issue of 1866. Tilleard Medal, 1956, for Egypt third issue. Also received international awards. Founded Egypt Study Circle, 1935, and served as Chairman. President Herts P.S., and a ‘Member of Honour’ of the Societé Philatélique de’Egypte. His notes on Egypt third issue, 1872 and 1874-75, were reprinted from the London Philatelist. He also had collections of Malta and Cyprus, which were auctioned by Plumridge & Co in 1928. RDP 1949.”

” COLLINS, Ernest Howard d.1927 age 67. Company director. Hon Treasurer RPSL 1922-27. His extensive general collection was auctioned by Plumridge & Co in 12 sales on 27 days, in 1928-29. It included Saxony 1850 3pf pair on piece; two examples of France 1849 lfr tête-bêche, each on piece; Great Britain 1867 one pound unused; Cape of Good Hope 1d blue Woodblock error on piece; Trinidad 1847 Lady McLeod on cover; Western Australia 4d blue with inverted frame (ex Ferrary); etc. The last was offered “without any guarantee whatever”, and realised £350. In the Ferrary sale five years earlier, it had realised about £1000.”

” LEE, Emanuel Joseph d.1941. Received international awards for his Uruguay. Author of ‘The Postage Stamps of Uruguay‘ [1931], for which he was given the Crawford Medal in 1933. Also collected Argentina, Buenos Aires, Victoria, and Sarawak. His Uruguay collection filled 120 volumes, and was auctioned by Plumridge & Co in 1936. ”

Our Values

We pride ourselves on giving our customers honest and full advice at all times.

Many of our new customers who for example, may have inherited a collection and have no idea of its true value and contents, are referred to us by our existing client base. Also and most importantly, a large majority our customers consisting of both dealers and collectors, have been buying and selling stamps in our auctions for many years. This aspect of trust and putting our customers needs before our own is at the very heart of our business.

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